Marketplace Morning Report for Friday, March 21, 2014

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WalMart is launching a “black Friday” for gardening merchandise. We ask whether there really is enough demand for this kind of product at this time of year to create a genuine black Friday effect, and explore what WalMart’s move might do to the gardening retail world. Plus, the economic implications of proposed legislation on Sea World, San Diego's 10th largest tax payer. Also, as part of our series, City of Dreams, we will be looking at national policy issues through the eyes of local immigrants here in Los Angeles.  


Walmart is putting on a "Black-Friday-like" for gardening and outdoor supplies. And we look at how legalization might affect undocumented workers as part of our series, City of Dreams.
Posted In: IRS, Walmart, immigration reform

Mr. Johnson goes to Washington: This week's Silicon Tally

Our regular quiz looking back at the week's tech news.
Posted In: silicon tally

Sea World celebrates 50 years amid animal care concerns

Despite “Blackfish,” SeaWorld generated more than $1 billion last year
Posted In: sea world, animals, marine life, animal rights, documentary film

Walmart's "Black Friday" of garden supplies: More than a marketing ploy

Is there really a Black-Friday-like demand for gardening and outdoor supplies in the spring?
Posted In: Walmart, Retail, Black Friday

Quizzes are free data mining tools for brands

An online Game of Thrones quiz got a million online hits for HBO.
Posted In: buzzfeed, digital media, quiz

Legalization won't lift all laborers

Undocumented workers likely will not leave current jobs even when they can work here legally -- part of our series, City of Dreams.
Posted In: immigration reform, labor

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