Marketplace Morning Report for Friday July 18, 2014

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Public Schools
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A new report from the Alliance for Excellent Education shows that roughly 500,000 teachers leave the profession every year, with the biggest churn occurring in high-poverty schools. After investing in their training, how can we keep more young teachers from leaving the profession, and the urban schools that need them the most?  Also, you know those tiny ads that pop up on your mobile phone? Does anyone pay attention to them? Well pretty much the answer is no. Leoneda Inge reports on what a little nudge from your phone might actually get you to buy.  

Who should police FedEx packages?

A look at allegations against FedEx for knowingly shipping illegal packages.
Posted In: fedex

PODCAST: Pop up ads that work

Global no-fly zones, the cap and trade of acid rain, and effective pop up ads.

Keeping teachers in the classroom

Public schools are struggling with teacher retention.
Posted In: teachers, schools, poverty

Pop up ads lack impact

Mobile phone ads work best for practical items like cars and refrigerators.
Posted In: mobile ads, mobile devices, advertising

Acid rain: What made Cap and Trade work

Lessons from one of the more successful U.S. environmental legislative projects.

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