Marketplace Morning Report for Friday August 1, 2014

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House Construction Building Shell
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It's a total collapse for a global trade deal said to be worth a trillion dollars. The World Trade Organisation had hoped the agreement would add 21 million jobs around the globe, by easing customs rules. But India's refusal to sign means the deal's off, now that the deadline has passed. Plus, the housing crash sent many construction workers fleeing to other industries. Now that housing is recovering, builders are struggling with a shortage of skilled workers. That’s delaying housing starts and driving up home prices. And, Mark Garrison talks to Pro Publica Senior Editor Tracy Weber about their recent reporting on a company called USA Discounters that offers easy credit to military service members. The catch? If a service member falls behind, the company aggressively goes after them, by suing them in courts near its Virginia headquarters, making it incredibly difficult for service members to show up in their own defense.  

The next generation to get corporate attention

It used to be all about Generation Y. Now, meet Generation Z.
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PODCAST: Marketing to Generation Z

Jobs report for July, Uber and Airbnb get into business, and targeting Generation Z.

What the Concur partnership means for Uber and Airbnb

"Sharing economy" services like Airbnb are wooing business travelers.
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House Construction Building Shell

As housing recovers, a shortage of skilled workers

During the housing downturn, construction workers moved to other industries.
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Suing soldiers for their debt

USA Discounters gives easy credit to soldiers, then sues them when they can't pay.
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Unemployment rate falls

The jobs report for July

With steady job growth comes an improvement in job quality as well.
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