Marketplace Morning Report for April 25, 2008

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Saturday is Yahoo's deadline

Tomorrow is the day CEO Steve Ballmer said Microsoft would make a hostile bid for Yahoo, if Yahoo didn't accept Microsoft's buyout offer. Yahoo has indicated the offer isn't high enough. Alisa Roth looks at the possibilities.

Malaria's toll in dollars and deaths

Malaria kills more than a million people around the world every year, and most clinical cases are in Africa. On World Malaria Day, Gretchen Wilson talks about the disease, its effect on the continent and new efforts to control it.
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Tight economy could curb urban sprawl

Higher gas prices and living expenses are cutting into the pros of living outside an urban area and commuting in to work. Stacey Vanek-Smith reports on how the economic downturn might affect urban sprawl.
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High stakes for military contracts

EADS, parent company of Airbus, and Boeing are in India trying to land a contract for an $11 billion fighter jet, the latest bruising battle the two companies have fought over military aircraft contracts. Mehul Srivastava reports.
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Survey: Who does more housework?

Do married women do more housework than their husbands? It can be a touchy subject, but a study by an economist at the University of Michigan has some statistics. Lisa Napoli talks with Frank Stafford about the study's results.
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Can Murdoch buy Newsday or not?

The FCC rule allowing media companies to own both a newspaper and one TV or radio station was overturned by a Senate committee today. Ashley Milne-Tyte asks if the decision affects Rupert Murdoch's bid for Newsday.
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For sale: A state lottery?

Sixteen states are reporting budget shortfalls this fiscal year. More are expected to do so next year. The options? Make cuts or make money. Illinois, for example, might sell its lottery. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports.
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