Marketplace AM for January 4, 2007

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Schooling teens on the cost of pregnancy

The cost of raising a child in America is about $250,000 these days. One school program in Texas is motivating teenagers not to get pregnant by telling them just how much babies cost. Alex Cohen has the story.

Cities stuck with old stadiums

Older stadiums are getting more and more expensive to maintain, so who's going to pay for the renovations when the local municipality can't afford it? David Carter has some advice.
Posted In: Sports

Are you ready for some ads!

Super Bowl commercials continue to get pricier and, hopefully, more entertaining as companies shell out millions of dollars to get your attention. Dan Grech reports.
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The end of musicals?

British composer Andrew Lloyd Webber warns that the auction of a wireless spectrum in London could doom music theater in the city's West End. Stephen Beard explains.
Posted In: Canada, Entertainment

Unions throw down the (protective) glove

A loophole in workplace rules lets some employers force workers to buy their own protective gear. The Labor Department hasn't fixed the rule, so two unions are forcing the issue. Alisa Roth reports.
Posted In: Jobs

Back-door defense spending

The Bush Administration is skirting the normal budget process and using "emergency" supplemental spending to fund non-emergency items for the Pentagon. Jeff Tyler looks at the effects.
Posted In: Washington

Democrats' first 100 hours

Congress is back today and everyone's watching to see if the Democrats will keep their promises for reform over their first few days in power. Amy Scott reports.
Posted In: Washington

Corn shortage in store?

An environmental think tank says the fast-growing ethanol industry's appetite for corn is going to be more than double the government's estimate. Sam Eaton reports.

Belarus hits Russia with oil tax

Belarus and Russia are at it again. Following their quarrel over natural gas taxes, a fresh row has broken out between the two neighbors over oil. Stefan Bos reports.
Posted In: Canada

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