Marketplace Money for January 30-31

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Each week on Marketplace Money, host Tess Vigeland looks at the week's major national and international stories that will impact the average listener's wallet.

Listeners on wedding gift requests

Last week,'s "Dear Prudence," aka Emily Yoffe, weighed in on wedding gift-giving etiquette. This week it's our listeners' turn -- for better or worse.

A world-class movie experience

Why would anyone pay $29 to see a movie? Tess Vigeland and a few of her friends visit a new theater in Pasadena, Calif. -- Gold Class Cinemas -- to find out.

Getting Personal

Modern families often have two incomes, but what happens when a family wants to assume a more traditional role? Host Tess Vigeland and Money Economics Editor Chris Farrell answer questions about staying home to raise the kids and what to do once those kids are ready for college.

Subverting the system to help others

Lisa Dodson talks with Tess Vigeland about Americans who break the rules to help those who have trouble making ends meet.

Home weatherization can pay off big

Reporter Sam Eaton turns his home into a model of energy efficiency, and talks about the ways home weatherization can pay off big financially.

The state of the American wallet is bad

Commentator Amelia Tyagi says President Obama did exactly what he needed to do in his State of the Union address: call attention to the continued financial woes of the middle class, while offering possible solutions.

Strategically defaulting on a home loan

What are the moral and financial implications of walking away from an underwater mortgage? Tess Vigeland talks with Henry Blodget, CEO of the "Business Insider," and Megan McArdle, of the "Atlantic" magazine, about so-called strategic defaults.
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