Marketplace Money for Friday, October 21, 2011

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This week we try to make a few things clearer for you, looking at the Health Reform Act; how colleges are trying to give prospective students a more accurate price tag; why we cling onto "loser" stocks; Bank Transfer Day; trying to separate mind and heart when it comes to determining whether something is trash or family heirloom. And we visited a free health clinic where both insured and uninsured patients are lining up to have medical procedures done.

Piggy Bank Award: Girl Scouts are getting more money smart

This week's piggy is going to the Girl Scouts of America headquarters to commend them for pushing financial literacy as a necessary skill.

What changes will there be in this year's open enrollment?

It's that time of year to compare health care benefits. We learn what changes the Health Reform Act will bring and what money-saving health care options are out there.
Posted In: Health

Why we can't let go of loser investments

We look into the neuroscience behind why we can't seem to let go of stocks that aren't earning their keep.
Posted In: Investing

Remember Nov. 5: Bank Transfer Day

An art gallery owner who's fed up with corporate banking established Nov. 5 to be the deadline for people to shift their money from big banks to smaller credit unions.
Posted In: Banks

What's in your wallet, Lisa Putney?

A Tennessean explains why she keeps measurements of her dogs in her wallet.

Insured, uninsured wait for treatment at free clinic

From allergic reactions to cracked teeth, thousands crowded the Los Angeles Arena to receive free medical care. But many people who showed up aren't covered for all the care they need.
Posted In: Health

Getting Personal: How to improve your credit score

Tess Vigeland and David Lazarus of the Los Angeles Times answer listeners' personal finance questions.
Posted In: Personal Finance

Testosterone levels may affect your negotiating abilities

We tend to associate testosterone with aggressiveness and strength. All true, but people with high testosterone are also very sensitive, which might hurt them at the negotiating table.
Posted In: Jobs

When your budget follows your heart

Sifting through the life of belongings of a parent or sibling or friend can bring up a lot of emotions. And those emotions often trump the practical, financial choices you should make.
Posted In: Junk

New tools to calculate the real cost of college

The sticker price keeps some students from applying to certain universities. But by Oct. 29, colleges will be required to post calculators on their websites that provide a better idea of what students will pay.
Posted In: Education

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