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When a bank executive says customers with less than $100,000 in deposits are "unprofitable," what's your reaction? Apparently, we don't expect banks to love us anymore. We do expect our president and First Family to present a certain image -- but it comes at a price. Having kids is pretty costly, too. We have some advice for to-be parents. Plus, reporter Eve Troeh looks at the cost of luminescence. And the New York Times' Carl Richards discusses using art to offer financial advice.  

Chase slips up

A JPMorgan Chase executive said this week that clients who have less than $100,000 in deposits are unprofitable for the bank. New York bureau chief Heidi Moore discusses consumer reaction to that statement, and what it means for the bank.
Posted In: bank, deposits, too big to fail, consumer banking, retail banking, JPMorgan

The cost of living... in the White House

The president lives in that big ol' D.C. mansion, where he's waited on hand and foot at the taxpayers' expense, right? Not exactly. Author Jodi Kantor says being president is plenty hard on the pocketbook.
Posted In: Obama, president, white house, pizza, frugal, expense, household, Kantor

Carl Richards: Live and doodling

Tess talks with personal finance commentator and artist Carl Richards in front of a live audience in Park City, Utah.
Posted In: Personal Finance, napkin, explainer, carl richards, humor

Health care costs: A pain in the neck

When you're in pain and in need of treatment, it's hard to pay really close attention to your health care choices. Commentator Renee Lux describes how treating her stiff neck led to a huge hike in her insurance costs.
Posted In: Health, healthcare, pain, treatment, legislation, hospital, Money

Bracing for baby

Kids are expensive! Author Carmen Wong Ulrich discusses the serious financial decisions to-be parents should be thinking about.
Posted In: budget, baby, children, carmen wong ulrich, childcare, college, diapers

Cutting savings to the bone

Marketplace's Wealth and Poverty reporters talked with people from all over the country, and many, regardless of their earning power, had very little in the way of savings.
Posted In: Savings, middle class, lower class, upper class, wealthy, poverty

Piggy for a personal finance paragon

Jacqueline Byers' salary is in the low $40,000 range, but she budgets, tracks her spending and saves up for what she really loves -- travel.
Posted In: Savings, save, budget, Travel, piggy

New light bulb lexicon

New government guidelines are taking incandescent bulbs off the market, leaving us with compact fluorescents and LEDs. But now there's a new language for bulb shoppers to learn.
Posted In: lightbulbs, CFL, flourecent, LED, incandescent, expensive, Money, shopping, consumer

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