Sarah Gardner is a reporter on the Marketplace sustainability desk. Her past projects include “We Used To Be China," "Coal Play," "Consumed,” “The Next American Dream,” “Jobs of the Future,” and “Climate Race,” among others. Gardner began her career at Marketplace as a freelancer and was hired as business editor and back-up host to David Brancaccio in the mid-90s. Prior to her work at Marketplace, Gardner was a public radio freelancer in Los Angeles, a staff reporter for New Hampshire Public Radio, a commercial radio reporter in Massachusetts and an editor/reporter for a small town newspaper in Minnesota.  She is the recipient of several awards including a Gerald Loeb Award for Distinguished Business and Finance Journalism (1997), an AlfredI.duPont-Columbia University Award (1996-1997) and a George Foster Peabody Award, the oldest and most prestigious media award (2000). Gardner attended Carleton College where she received her bachelor’s degree in religion and Columbia University where she received her master’s degree in journalism. A native of Waukesha,Wis., Gardner resides in Los Angeles.


Features by Sarah Gardner

Going through channels

The nation's cable-TV operators are scrambling to meet new rules aimed at creating competition in the market for set-top decoder boxes. Sarah Gardner reports.
Posted In: Entertainment

Making green from green

San Francisco's New Resource Bank calls itself the country's first commercial bank aimed at "green business." Its backers include people who made money off the tech boom a decade ago. Sarah Gardner reports.
Posted In: Entrepreneurship, Investing

Unsung biofuel gets backers

While ethanol and biodiesel make headlines, biobutanol has quietly attracted investment from BP and DuPont. And it may prove the best alternative to gasoline yet, Sarah Gardner reports.

Looking for a sign in commodities drop

Alcoa announces its earnings tomorrow amid a steep sell-off in commodities. Some are wondering whether the drop in prices for materials such as copper, aluminum and oil signals an economic slowdown. Sarah Gardner reports.
Posted In: Economy, Investing, Wall Street

Looking for a green Big Apple

A new "green buildings" law goes into effect today in New York City. Supporters hope it will inspire green construction all over the country. Sarah Gardner reports.
Posted In: New York

Markets get an early present in new-home data

Housing starts were up for November, after a decline the previous month. Some of the biggest home builders now see the housing market stablilizing. But it all might add up to a big lump of coal. Sarah Gardner reports.
Posted In: Housing

A 'dead cat bounce' on Wall Street?

Analysts are expecting positive numbers when the government releases November housing starts and wholesale prices today, but the good news may be temporary. Sarah Gardner reports.
Posted In: Economy, Housing, Wall Street

Victoria's new secret: recycled paper

Victoria's Secret sends out over 360 million catalogs each year, so it's a huge environmental victory that the company has agreed to use at least some recycled paper in its mailings. Sarah Gardner reports.

Knocking on OPEC's door

Angola, Sudan and Ecuador want to join OPEC. The oil-producing countries want to exert more control over their resources, and OPEC may just help them do that. Sarah Gardner reports.
Posted In: Canada

GM's new fuel-efficient vision

The world largest automaker, accused of undermining the electric car in the '90s, is set to announce new fuel-saving technology today. Sarah Gardner reports.


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