Sarah Gardner is a reporter on the Marketplace sustainability desk. Her past projects include “We Used To Be China," "Coal Play," "Consumed,” “The Next American Dream,” “Jobs of the Future,” and “Climate Race,” among others. Gardner began her career at Marketplace as a freelancer and was hired as business editor and back-up host to David Brancaccio in the mid-90s. Prior to her work at Marketplace, Gardner was a public radio freelancer in Los Angeles, a staff reporter for New Hampshire Public Radio, a commercial radio reporter in Massachusetts and an editor/reporter for a small town newspaper in Minnesota.  She is the recipient of several awards including a Gerald Loeb Award for Distinguished Business and Finance Journalism (1997), an AlfredI.duPont-Columbia University Award (1996-1997) and a George Foster Peabody Award, the oldest and most prestigious media award (2000). Gardner attended Carleton College where she received her bachelor’s degree in religion and Columbia University where she received her master’s degree in journalism. A native of Waukesha,Wis., Gardner resides in Los Angeles.


Features by Sarah Gardner

U.S. natural gas could be geopolitical weapon

Lessening Ukraine and Europe's dependence on Russian energy.
Posted In: ukraine, fracking, natural gas

There's the Keystone XL pipeline, and there's the other one

A Canadian company has asked for permission to double the capacity of another pipeline.
Posted In: Keystone XL

Connecticut's 'health exchange-in-a-box' for struggling states

Connecticut is acting like an entrepreneur. It got its health exchange up and running effectively, and now it’s trying to sell its model to other states.
Posted In: Connecticut, state health exchanges

TSA wants faster security screening at airports, too

The TSA has a March 11 deadline for bids on new screening machines.
Posted In: TSA, air lines

This won't make you feel better about the housing recovery

Why new housing starts are down in January – though up year-to-year.
Posted In: mortgage

Communities along rail lines worry about oil explosions

New shale oil fields in the middle of the country, far from pipelines, depend on rail to get to coastal refineries
Posted In: Oil, energy, shipping

Google's start-up turn-ons: Intelligence, pushing limits and changing the world

If a start-up hopes to get Google's attention, there are a few essentials. First, be brilliant.
Posted In: Google, acquisitions, internet of things, ai, artificial intelligence

Railroads' earnings -- and their freight -- show where the economy's heading

Railroads are shipping less coal, while they're sending packed supply trains to the oil fracking fields of North Dakota.
Posted In: railroad

Hey, what a great idea! Chocolate peanut butter cups!

Why on earth would Butterfinger bring out a new product that takes on Reese's?
Posted In: Reese's, Butterfinger, candy

Taxes make your airline ticket about 20 percent more expensive

Airport officials are urging Congress to raise the cap on passenger fees from $4.50 to $8.50.
Posted In: TSA, holiday travel, Taxes


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