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Book picks for your summer reading list

Need a book that can help your finances too?
Posted In: Books, summer reading

Fashion mags: Why mail carriers hate September

As fall clothing lines roll out, advertising in fashion magazines ramps up, too.
Posted In: fashion, advertising, online advertising

Companies attempt to cash-in on #RoyalBaby

Hostess, Chili's and Pizza Hut are just a few of the companies who have joined in on the social-media frenzy around the royal baby.
Posted In: royal baby, social media, advertising

4 things you can buy for your own royal baby

From commemorative pillows to cheese, a look at some of the weirder royal baby things you can buy.
Posted In: royal baby, Duchess of Cambridge, royal family

Money mysteries solved

Explaining some terms, phrases and concepts about money you might hear everyday, but not fully understand.
Posted In: money mysteries, explainer, FDIC, piggy banks

A few books to dive into this summer

Need a book with an economic theme this summer? Here's a few choices.
Posted In: summer reading, Books, finance books

ESPN tries to kill the trolls: Facebook comments only

After more than five years of anonymous comments, now requires your Facebook account if you have something to say.
Posted In: Sports, Facebook, comments, Web Culture, espn

A look at the 'Hyperloop,' and other off-beat inventions in history

Tesla's Elon Musk hopes to revolutionize transportation with a combination railgun, air hockey table and Concorde. What can he learn from past inventions?
Posted In: inventions, Elon Musk

A few picks for your summer reading list

Personal finance experts recommend books to dive into this summer.
Posted In: favorite books, Books, Summer Reading Book Series

ABC hopes to score with LeBron and company in the NBA Finals

Stars in the NBA Finals means extra dollars in ABC's bank account. What's the price-tag for advertisers with LeBron in the Finals?
Posted In: business of sports, advertising


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