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5 other things reopening now

The government shutdown is finally over, but it wasn't the only thing reopening today.
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3 lessons Fisker can learn from Tesla

Electric-car company Fisker heads to the auction block. What lessons can it learn before a potential relaunch?

Malcolm Gladwell's 'David and Goliath' tackles underdogs ... that aren't

Author Malcolm Gladwell's latest book, "David and Goliath," explains why underdogs can win — if they realize they're not really underdogs.
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Quiz: Unusual scholarships for college

Scholarships are usually awarded for the best and the brightest, but there are other off-beat scholarships available.
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Books for your summer reading list

Our friends in finance share some of their favorite books for your summer reading list.
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Need a book that can help your finances too?

Book picks for your summer reading list.
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Investing terms and questions explained

What's a bond? What's a stock? How do you choose a retirement plan? We're here to help.
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Investing tips from our listeners

Marketplace Money's Facebook followers send in tips of their own
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Book picks for your summer reading list

Need a book that can help your finances too?
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Fashion mags: Why mail carriers hate September

As fall clothing lines roll out, advertising in fashion magazines ramps up, too.
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