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Companies (still) want to know your SAT score

Are SAT scores still relevant years later? Would you be willing to give your score to a recruiter if asked?
Posted In: SAT, college, hiring

Choose the right number of credit cards

A listener asks if there is a problem with having 10 to 15 active credit cards.
Posted In: Credit Cards, Personal Finance

@LiveMoney: Love, money, and storm hoarding

A roundup of conversations we're having out in the social media landscape.
Posted In: social media, freelancer, love

@LiveMoney: Do women tweet their own horn at work?

Marketplace Money's Raghu Manavalan wraps up the week of personal finance in the digital realm.
Posted In: social media, Personal Finance

Marketplace's most-viral stories of January 2014

A look back at our most-shared stories from January 2014.
Posted In: viral, reddit, Stitcher

Ask Carmen: Lightning round listicle edition

Questions on wills, retirement, 401ks, capital gains all tackled.
Posted In: lightning round, Personal Finance, advice

A high-tech shopping spree: Is Google trying to take over the world?

A look at what the last few Google purchases could mean for the company.
Posted In: Google, robots, Tech, ai, artificial intelligence

Butterfinger + peanut butter cups: Should candies mix?

A (very scientific) taste test at Marketplace
Posted In: candy, Butterfinger, Reese's

Bourbon or scotch? You may be surprised by who owns your favorite whiskey

Even fewer companies control the majority of the whisky market, after Suntory announces it'll purchase Jim Beam.
Posted In: infographic, whiskey, alcohol, liquor sales

Marketplace's driveway moments and best-of 2013

Our 'best-of-2013' podcast, a selection of Marketplace's driveway moments from the past year
Posted In: best of 2013, driveway moments


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