Mary Dooe joined the Marketplace team in June 2011 as a production intern for Marketplace Morning Report. She's worked on nearly every show and desk at Marketplace, as a digital producer, radio producer, and director as needed. Mary was an assistant producer on the Sustainability Desk in 2013 working on the special project Consumed.

Mary graduated from Columbia University with a degree in history and anthropology. She also completed her master's at the New School for Social Research in New York City. She has interned, written, and/or worked for Harper's Bazaar, the New York Daily News, the Newark Star-Ledger,, and Studio360 with Kurt Andersen, among others. A Boston native and lifelong competitive swimmer, she currently resides in (not as warm and sunny as she expected) Los Angeles... and very much misses the New York subway system.


Features by Mary Dooe

Behind the Data: Belief in God and income

What's the relationship between your belief in a higher being and how much money your family makes? Check out the data.

Behind the Data: Astrological signs and income

Are some astrological signs more wealthy than others? Check out the data.

Behind the Data: Political ideology and income

Is there a relationship between how much money you make and your political ideology? Check out the data.

Behind the Data: Gun ownership and income

Based on General Social Survey data, we took a look at how gun ownership rates change across the income spectrum.

Behind the Data: TV viewing and income

Is there a relationship between income levels and the number of hours of TV watched? Take a look at the data.

The inside scoop on 'Breaking Bad,' 'Arrested Development'

Actors Bob Odenkirk and David Cross offer some scoop on possible upcoming projects.
Posted In: David Cross, Bob Odenkirk, tv, Arrested Development, Breaking Bad

Podcast: Consume all of 'Consumed' in one sitting

Every once in a while we like to take a step back and look at the big picture. This week, the Sustainability desk did just that with "Consumed."
Posted In: podcast, consumer

By the Numbers: Consumed Day 5


The cost for a "Front of the Line" pass at Universal Studios in Hollywood. A standard ticket will set you back: $84. (Universal Studios)


How many times more carbon pollution you create by booking a first class ticket over one in coach. (Washington Post)


The number of enrolled Harvard students who have taken Michael Sandel's class "Justice" over the years. Sandel studies the consumer economy, and he also wrote the book, "What Money Can't Buy". (EdX)

$11.23 trillion

The amount of total consumer debt in the United States as of March 2013. That's down from its peak of $12.68 trillion in September of 2008 -- but it's is still at a much higher level than the early 2000's. (NY Fed)

Infographic: The consumer economy at a glance

Before we answer the question of whether we can afford the consumer economy, we have to know how much we're spending.
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What do you 'need' today that you didn't have five years ago?

All week, we've been looking at the consumer economy as it stands today, and where it is (and should be) going in the future. In order to think about what it all means, we have to look at our own behavior. So we want to know: What do you feel like you absolutely need today that you didn't have five years ago?


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