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Behind the Data: Belief in God and income

Nov 4, 2013
What's the relationship between your belief in a higher being and how much money your family makes? Check out the data.

Behind the Data: Political ideology and income

Nov 4, 2013
Is there a relationship between how much money you make and your political ideology? Check out the data.

Behind the Data: Gun ownership and income

Nov 4, 2013
Based on General Social Survey data, we took a look at how gun ownership rates change across the income spectrum.

Behind the Data: TV viewing and income

Nov 4, 2013
Is there a relationship between income levels and the number of hours of TV watched? Take a look at the data.

For public good, not for profit.

Walter White's cash: From high school teacher to meth kingpin

Sep 27, 2013
Walter White began making and dealing meth in "Breaking Bad" in order to support his family. A look at how much he was making in comparison to the rest of the country as a high school chemistry teacher and as Heisenberg.

Income, poverty and a new interactive from Marketplace

Sep 20, 2013
The U.S. Census released a report on the national median income and poverty rate this week. And Marketplace released a data tool on incomes to tell a bigger story about how we live at any income.

Is a future for a comfortable middle class just science fiction?

Sep 17, 2013
A practitioner of the dismal science and a writer of dystopian sci-fi have competing takes on the survival of the middle class.
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