In more then twenty years in journalism, Lisa Napoli has managed to work for almost every major media company (and for several shows and ventures that have unceremoniously shut down).

Lisa began her career at CNN in the early eighties, covered the first Clinton campaign and the Waco standoff for Fox News long before it became a 24-7 news channel, and was one of the first reporters to cover the Web for the mainstream media when she joined the New York Times CyberTimes in 1996, where she wrote the popular Hyperwocky column. For a time, she wrote the Online Diary column for the Times' Circuits section, and she's still a frequent contributor to the paper.

She's also been the on-air correspondent at MSNBC and a columnist at Her documentaries about NASCAR racing and South of the Border, a tourist trap in South Carolina, have aired on public television.

Beyond her journalistic pursuits, Lisa is proud to have worked in craft services on the horror film Hellraiser III, as a publicity coordinator for an alternative to prison for nonviolent female offenders and their children in North Carolina, and as a producer at a division of QVC, where her team produced shows that helped sell all manner of stuff.

Lisa is a proud graduate of Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts, and lives in Los Angeles, although she is a native of Brooklyn, New York.

She joined Marketplace in February of 2004.


Features by Lisa Napoli

For rent: Apt. w/ choice of TV service

For years, consumer advocates have been petitioning the FCC to strike down a rule that lets cable providers sign exclusive contracts with apartment buildings. A report says they will soon get what they wanted -- and telephone companies couldn't be happier.
Posted In: Entertainment

Birthday present to myself: A will

Would you celebrate the anniversary of your birth by preparing for your death? Lisa Napoli learns how to get her affairs in order with some help from her family.

House shows off latest in green tech

New technologies, materials and techniques are allowing designers to create the next generation of environmentally friendly buildings. Lisa Napoli tours a totally green home to see what happens when modern design and eco-consciousness meet.

Morning Commute: Shortest one ever

Right after Lisa Napoli was hired as a reporter for Marketplace, she went searching for apartments close by. The first one she saw -- and ended up keeping -- was across the street.
Posted In: Jobs, Travel

Financial education from soap operas?

Would it be easier to learn about personal finance if your teachers were your favorite daytime soap stars? Some U.S. officials want to make it happen. Lisa Napoli talks about it with U.S. Treasurer Anna Escobedo Cabral.
Posted In: Education, Entertainment, Investing

Is marriage a good idea at your age?

If you're an older couple and both of you have considerable wealth, does getting hitched make financial sense? Lisa Napoli talks to Money Magazine editor Cybele Weisser.

The 411 on dialing for information

What's the best way to find info over the phone? Lisa Napoli dials some numbers.

Could you use a health-care advocate?

More and more companies are hiring independent health care advocates to walk employees through the maze of provider options, and to get them speedy care. Lisa Napoli talks to BusinessWeek's Lauren Young, who successfully lobbied her own company to provide this service.
Posted In: Health

Marketplace Money Mailbag

Chris Farrell answers listener questions about advising a son on his mother's finances, investing in frontier markets, and what to do with a 401k after you've left a company.
Posted In: Investing, Retirement

Straight Story: Mr. October

Just in case you needed another reason to be spooked out this month, it's the 20-year anniversary of the market crash of 1987. Economics editor Chris Farrell looks back and tries to learn something.


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