Kai Ryssdal has been the host and senior editor of Marketplace, public radio’s program on business and the economy, since 2005. He joined American Public Media in 2001 as the host of Marketplace Morning Report.

Ryssdal began in public radio as a intern, then reporter and finally substitute host for The California Report at KQED-FM in San Francisco. After graduating from Emory University, Ryssdal spent eight years in the United States Navy flying from the aircraft carrier U.S.S. Theodore Roosevelt and as a Pentagon staff officer. Before his career in public radio, Ryssdal was a member of the United States Foreign Service in Ottawa, Canada and Beijing, China.

He lives in Los Angeles with his wife and four children.

Please direct all media inquiries and booking requests to communications@americanpublicmedia.org.  


Features By Kai Ryssdal



With no elephants around, the Chinese keep buying ivory

The new middle class in China has a booming demand for the banned product.

Weekly Wrap: Hurray for Washington?

Nela Richardson and Sudeep Reddy talk about what happened this week, economy-wise, and why.

The 5 second rule actually works

In which science completely validates conventional wisdom.
Posted In: five second rule, studies

'Big Men' filmmaker chronicles oil boom in Ghana

Rachel Boynton follows a Texan oil company and Ghanaian government officials as they scramble to profit from newly discovered oil wells off the coast in her new documentary, "Big Men."

Amazon Prime's $99 bargain

When being the biggest seller of stuff online just isn't enough.
Posted In: Amazon Prime

Caffeine: America's addictive drug of choice

Journalist Murray Carpenter goes inside the big business of caffeine in his new book, "Caffeinated: How our daily habit helps, hurts, and hooks us."
Posted In: caffeine, coffee

Now you can buy solar power (of a sort) at Best Buy

The CEO of SolarCity talks about putting solar panels on more residential homes.
Posted In: solar panels, SolarCity, ceo

Don't tase me, drone

An intern gets tased as part of a product demonstration.

Our national menswear nightmare is over

Men's Warehouse will pay $1.8 billion for Jos. A Bank
Posted In: menswear, men's suits


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