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New Jersey governor woos Illinois businesses

In barbed ads, Gov. Christie plays pitchman to lure Illinois firms to New Jersey with a pledge not to raise the state's (already high) taxes.
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Financial crisis report a doubtful bestseller

A 576-page tale of greed, betrayal and near-global doom hits bookstores Thursday. Will anyone "buy" the official report on the financial crisis?

NYT online: From free to fee

The New York Times will soon charge for access to its website. How will fees affect millions of readers -- and a struggling newspaper industry?
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GE's Immelt leads Obama economic panel on jobs

President Obama shifts his focus to jobs, tapping GE's Jeffrey Immelt to bring practical and symbolic leadership to his economic advisory panel.
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Delta tests out silent auction for overbooked fliers

Flights are more crowded than ever, and that means many fliers could get bumped from an overbooked plane. To deal with this, Delta is trying out a sort of silent auction, where passengers can state what it would take for them to voluntarily give up their seat.
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Online retailer Athleta goes brick-and-mortar

While it seems online shopping is the way of the future, Gap is doing just the opposite. Its Athleta brand specializes in women's active wear, and now has its own brick-and-mortar store. Janet Babin reports on how this move might help the brand.
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Walmart makes appeal for NYC through citizens

Walmart has been trying to open stores in New York City for nearly a decade, but has always been met with fierce opposition from lawmakers and unions. Now the retailer is taking its message straight to the citizens themselves.
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Did Borders grow too fast?

Borders pioneered the book superstore back in the 1970s, but now with online booksellers and retail supercenters taking over the book market, it isn't doing so well. Janet Babin reports on Borders' future.
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Mixed feelings over Harlem's gentrification

The most recent sign of the New York City neighborhood's gentrification is a new brand name hotel. Marketplace's Janet Babin reports.

Dollar General looks to expand on discount success

Shoppers are beginning to shop again, but many are still sticking to the discount stores. And that's good for the likes of Dollar General, which announced a major expansion today.
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