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White House plans mortgage deal to settle lender disputes

The Wall Street Journal reports today that the Obama administration is working to settle mortgage-servicing breakdowns that involved practices like robo-signing foreclosure documents. The settlement plan could cost America's largest banks billions of dollars. Janet Babin explains.
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Unrest prompts U.S. review of arms sales

As the chaos escalates in Libya, the Wall Street Journal reports a U.S. review of arms sales and military assistance to countries in North Africa and the Middle East caught up in political and economic turmoil. Janet Babin explains.

Home prices fell in December to near 2009 lows

According to the S&P Case-Shiller home-price index, U.S. home prices continued to decline in December. According to David Blitzer, chairman of S&P's index committee, prices in 18 of 20 cities were down over the last 12 months. Janet Babin explains.
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The housing meltdown may have been worse than previous reports showed

The National Association of Realtors may have overstated existing home sales figures, potentially going back several years, according to new reports issued today. As Janet Babin explains, this could mean that the housing crisis was even worse than initially thought.
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What's next for Watson?

IBM's conversational computer kills on "Jeopardy." Now the business world is clamoring to put Watson to work.

Proposed law aims to curb fashion copycats

As New York Fashion week begins, some designers are backing a bill in Washington that would give their work copyright protection. Janet Babin reports from the runway.
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Google executive freed in Egypt

Google's marketing chief in Egypt had been held for organizing Mubarak opponents. Google itself has taken activist stands on government controls.
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In search of a new cell phone

When it's time to buy a new cell phone, consumers are faced with a plethora of options, from hip to normal, fancy apps to dropped calls.

Comcast takeover brings up concerns about NBC news divisions

In its merger with NBC Universal, Comcast will now be overseeing NBC's news divisions. Some worry it could compromise news operations.
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Comcast era at NBC begins

Comcast gains control of NBC Friday, seeking to restore the network's lineup of shows after a string of primetime fiascos.
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