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Panama Canal expansion brings competition for East Coast ports

The Panama Canal is getting a makeover, and it could be a gamechanger for Atlantic coast ports -- that is, if those ports are ready in time.
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Heinz cuts jobs and factories

The ketchup maker is being squeezed by high commodity and fuel prices.
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Macy's hits the discount mall

Macy's will open in its first discount mall next year. It's all part of the new high-low mix.
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Barnes & Noble gets $1 billion bid

Liberty Media is offering $1 billion for the bookstore chain, and the deal may be only a little bit about books.
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Retail real estate improves, a little

Shoppers are returning to the malls slowly, which should provide for a better mood as the International Council of Shopping Centers meets this weekend.
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States collect more taxes than expected

Tax revenues are topping projections in California, New Jersey, West Virginia and others.
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NBC tries to get over the 4th place hump

Upfronts, the all-important TV ad-buying event, begin for NBC today. The network is currently sitting in 4th place in ratings.
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Michaels stores hit by debit card fraud

The fraud across 20 states highlights how debit cards are more vulnerable to fraud and financial loss than credit cards.
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Re-evaluating Masschusett's health care reform

Mitt Romney will address health care reform in a speech today. As governor, he shepherded a law in Massachusetts that requires all residents to have health insurance, but today is expected to distance himself from the law and call for a repeal to Obamacare.
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Housing market faces headwinds

The outlook for home values continues to darken as foreclosed properties flood the market and government supports are removed.
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