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Hostess closes, liquidators poised to move in

Hostess, maker of Twinkies, won court approval to wind down. Who will sell of its brands and factories? Companies called liquidators.
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Rally suggests fiscal cliff deal is done

Wall Street rallies on optimism that a deal will be reached to avoid the fiscal cliff. Nevermind that Congress is on recess and Obama is in Asia.
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BP to cop to criminal charges in Gulf oil spill

BP to pay $4.5 billion to settle criminal charges related to Deepwater Horizon. But what does it mean when a company is a felon?
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Firms point finger at Sandy for poor results

The recent storm is being blamed by firms who see a drop in profits or performance, but some doubt the poor results can really be blamed on the weather.
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Business loses little sleep over fiscal cliff

Headlines aside, many businesspeople play down the threat of the fiscal cliff. Some worry a political compromise could be worse.
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New York landlords urged to house Sandy victims

Government officials are working with New York City landlords on a plan to house storm victims in vacant apartments.
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Websites encourage kids to learn about finance online

Virtual bank accounts allow parents to deposit allowance online and teach kids about spending and saving.
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New York imposes gas rationing to ease Sandy shortage

Gas rationing is back in New York City and parts of Long Island. And -- like in the 1970s oil crisis -- cars that end in an even number fill up on even days, and odd plates on odd days.
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AT&T puts $14 billion toward expanding wireless

AT&T announced this week it will invest $14 billion over the next three years to beef up its wireless and broadband services. The news is good for wireless customers, but could portend the demise of the old fashioned landline phone.
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Car country goes blue for auto bailout

Car country played a big role in President Obama's re-election last night. Michigan and Ohio both benefited from the auto industry bailout and both went for the President last night.
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