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McDonald's supersizes hiring

The fast food giant will add up to 50,000 new employees in one day. And McDonald's is looking for workers who are looking for more than a McJob.
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As prices rise, eateries rethink how to buy food

Restaurant chains like Red Lobster are testing new buying strategies to cope with soaring prices of ingredients.
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Auto disruptions from Japan quake spread

Beyond car production curbs, Toyota tells American dealers limit orders of replacement parts, potentially lengthening repair times for existing cars.
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Beer giant buys a craft brewery

Anheuser-Busch will expand Goose Island, a Chicago craft brewery, but also try to keep its identity.
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Japan utility too big to fail?

Worsening radiation at the nuclear reactors damaged by Japan's earthquake and tsunami is also putting at risk the financial health of the reactors' owner, one of Japan's largest electric utilities.

Japan quake could boost work for Nissan in U.S.

Nissan considers expanding production in Tennessee to export engines to Japan, as Toyota mulls wider productions slowdowns in U.S.
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Best Buy considers makeover to distinguish itself from competitors

Best Buy hopes to win back market share from Wal-Mart and online retailers by redesigning stores and changing the customer service experience.
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Auto workers want to share Detroit's new wealth

United Auto Workers officials meet Tuesday to map out strategy ahead of labor contract talks with newly profitable Detroit carmakers.
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Manufacturers scramble to cover parts shortages

Japan's crisis prompts General Motors to close U.S. plant and divert auto parts to others. Companies improvise to cope with disrupted supplies.
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Japan's automakers struggle to restart

Toyota extended its Japanese plant closures. Even as others resume production, the fallout spreads globally to factory floors and bottom lines.
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