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Free trade agreements delayed by job support program

The ground work for negotiating three trade agreements are beginning in Congress, but there's a political argument over a longstanding program that helps re-train workers who have lost their jobs because of foreign competition.
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More than 15% of Americans go hungry

The latest government figures show nearly 50 million Americans don't have enough to eat, about the same since the recession began.
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Carmakers to report August sales

A volatile stock market and a hurricane are likely to have hurt car sales, but pent-up demand and aging cars have buyers in the showrooms.
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Automakers cut cylinders from engines to meet fuel standards

With new M.P.G. minimums, car companies have to find way to be fuel-efficient. Is it possible to have a high-performance car that sips gasoline?
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Barnes & Noble posts another loss, not as bad as expected

One major rival is gone, but bookseller Barnes & Noble is still trying make bookstores work in an increasingly digital world.
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Turkey moves forward with nuclear energy plans

After the nuclear disaster in Japan, many countries moved to phase out nuclear energy. But Turkey is holding fast to its plans to build three new plants.

Palestinians suffering from missing salaries

Arab countries who were supposed to contribute to Palestinian Authority salaries say they need the money at home. It's estimated about a million people depend on that income

Turkey's diplomatic efforts bring economic boom

Turkey's "zero problem" policy means good relations with all its neighbors. It has reaped economic benefits with this approach.

The economic impact of Syrian refugee camps in Turkey

About 10,000 Syrians have fled to refugee camps in Turkey following a violent government crackdown on dissent. The influx has created some economic activity in Turkey, but many say there could be a bigger impact if refugee assistance programs patronized local businesses.

Syrian refugees a financial strain on Turkish hosts

More than 10,000 Syrians have fled their government's crackdown. But it's an expensive situation for the Turkish government.


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