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Morgan Stanley battles rumors about its health

Amid concerns about the vulnerability of banks in Europe, Morgan Stanley has been beset by rumors of exposure to risky European debt.
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On third anniversary, TARP mortgage aid lags

The Troubled Asset Relief Program stabilized the financial and auto industries, but hasn't delivered aid to struggling homeowners.
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Ford uses jobs as bargaining chip

Ford says it's still planning to add thousands of jobs in the U.S. over the next two years, but there could be a catch.
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Deaths from tainted cantaloupe mount

Cantaloupe contaminated with bacteria has killed at least 13 Americans. As the toll likely rises, how long will it take for the melon industry?
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After GM, UAW begins talks with Ford

The UAW is likely to press for bigger wage increases at Ford, the only Detroit carmaker that didn't declare bankruptcy during the financial crisis.
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Consumers turn to multiple sources for local news

New findings from a media study could have big implications for advertisers.

Solar industry will survive Solyndra controversy

But green investments may be harder to come by in the future.

Used car prices rise amid economic worries

Higher demand and tighter supply have raised used car prices, in some cases close to the cost of a new model.
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European debt crisis helps, hurts airlines

Thanks to a weak euro, there is a bump in tourism now, but prolonged economic woes will pull down airline profits.
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Prices rises squeeze food producers, retailers

Food conglomerate ConAgra reports quarterly results and finds itself caught in price pressures from the farm and in the supermarket.
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