Biz Stone, creator of Twitter, will be on hand to promote his new book "Things A Little Bird Told Me," as well as discuss the nature of connected networks - 

Biz Stone is one of the busiest tech innovators in the industry. Aside from co-founding the 140 character social network known as Twitter, he recently started a new project called Jelly, which aims to create connections via crowd sourced questions and answers. When asked about whether or not he hopes the venture will become as big as the blue bird, Stone says that like any new project, he's more preoccupied with the day to day process.

"When you get started, you have to make a ton of assumptions, and most of them are bound to be wrong. So then you just start replacing them and seeing what's what."

The process of taking a project from idea to product is familiar to Stone, and one he writes about in his forthcoming book, Things a Little Bird Told Me. If you're looking for advice in advance of the book's release, Stone had the following tidbit to offer on the difficulties of working with friends:

"The only advice I can offer there is to separate the emotional investment from the financial investment. Then oney isn't money anymore, it's simply a resource like computing time. You think of it in a very abstract way...If you can think of it as a resource like anything else, it's much easier to not fight over it that way."

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