Refugees from Syria collect blankets and supplies from the UNHCR as they arrive at the Za’atari refugee camp on January 30, 2013 in Mafrq, Jordan. - 

As the crisis deepens in Syria, more and more refugees are fleeing the country. Many are going to countries like Jordan, which is home to the Za’atari camp -- the second largest refugee camp in the world. The BBC's Carine Torbey says like all refugee camps  Za’atari is overcrowded and cramped, but has over time become like a little village, with a market run by the refugees themselves.

"It even has a bridal shop, and hairdressers, the barber, anything is around there," Torbey says.

But all the incoming refugees to places like Jordan and Lebanon are creating a tough burden for host countries that are experiencing their own tough times.  Although many Jordanians welcomed Syrians with open arms in the beginning, many now are growing increasingly worried that there is not enough to go around.

"The countries around the region are appealing for the international community to help them with the burden financially, but also to help them by hosting a number of refugees in the European countries, in Australia, in America so that they're not the only countries bearing the brunt," she says.

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