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Pop icon, Eddie Money, joins us to share his personal experience and the history of drugs and addiction in the music industry. - 

Tonight, CBS is airing a tribute to singer Whitney Houston. The late pop legend died back in February. Doctors say chronic cocaine use contributed to her death. When it comes to show business, such stories seem all too familiar.

"You think you are invulnerable...you chase that euphoric feeling," says Eddie Money, who battled his own drug addiction in the 1970's and 80s. With fame comes access to drugs and money, he says, and "before you know it, you wind up doing it all."

Unlike Houston and others, Money was able to turn his life around, "What saved me was that I had a major overdose, I was using a walker to get from my bedroom to my music room," he says, "you just have to say to yourself, enough is enough."

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