Eddie Money on drug addiction and show business

Nov 16, 2012
Pop icon, Eddie Money, joins us to share his personal experience and the history of drug addiction in the music industry.

As Houston’s song plays, Dolly Parton benefits

Feb 17, 2012
Whitney Houston's music has been all over radio and TV following her death. But her estate only profits when someone actually goes to iTunes or Amazon or a record store and physically buys her albums.

Ch-ch-ch-changing the Way We Listen to Music

Feb 13, 2012
Don’t know if you caught the Grammys last night, but it was an especially emotional one.  First, there was a lot of reaction to the sudden and untimely death of Whitney Houston (more on that in a minute) and then Steve Jobs was awarded a posthumous Grammy for helping “to create products and technology that […]

Reconnecting with the music of Whitney Houston

Feb 13, 2012
Whitney Houston's crystal-clear voice is everywhere today -- belting, beautifully, "I Will Always Love You". It's songs like that that'll no doubt start topping the sales charts once again.