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Submit your economic crisis jokes to us, whether it's about the eurozone or the 2008 financial crisis.

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It's never too soon for some good #CrisisJokes. What's your best? http://mktplc.org/MK3ekXMarketplace
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As noted by @thomasfriedman http://nyti.ms/MvqZLg: the two best positions to be in during the crisis: “Cash and fetal." #CrisisJokesEthan Lindsey
@MarketplaceAPM Billboard: Jesus saves. Atheist driving by: Wow! This recession is affecting everyone.Will V

Have you heard this joke: What will happen if the Dow average falls any further?

Answer: They'll add a "N" to the end of it.

Har-har. Is that crickets we hear? All right, we're sure you can come up with something better. So submit your economic crisis jokes to us -- leave a comment or tweet it to us with the hashtag #CrisisJokes. Whether it's about the eurozone or the 2008 financial crisis -- send us your jokes. You may just hear 'em on air.

In the meantime, for some laughs, take a listen to our interview with comedian Manos Kanellos about the funnier side of his country's financial woes.