0405 billionaire
General view of Rolls Royce at the Rolls-Royce Hamptons Brunch Produced By Rand Luxury on July 23, 2011 in Watermill, New York. What would it be like to be a billionaire for a day, complete with a chauffeured Rolls Royce? - 

Most of us journalists over here at Marketplace (and probably everywhere else) have dream assignments -- from Antarctica to the jungle to a beach during a massive hurricane.

But one New York Times reporter recently completed what some would see as the best assignment ever: billionaire for a day.

Does spending a day in the well-polished shoes of the nation's elite give you a new perspective on things? We asked the reporter himself, Kevin Roose.

He says that while having a whole lot of money makes traveling quicker and easier, billionaires for the most part aren't any happier than the people he hangs out with.

Now, what does he have on deck for his next assignment?

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