0224 detroit
The words, 'God Loves This City' are painted on the front of an abandoned home in Detroit, Mich. The city has been hard hit by the recession, but how will that play out in this year's presidential election? - 

All week long, Marketplace Morning Report host Jeremy Hobson reported from Michigan as part of our coverage of The Real Economy.

We learned why the weather there (read: snow) actually helps businesses like Domino's Pizza, because more people want to stay indoors and have the food come to them.

In Detroit, two places named Dodge have had very different experiences, in both recent decades and recent months.

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder explained what he plans to do with the state's surprising budget surplus (even though some say that surplus isn't as great as some may have you think)

And in today's Mid-day Extra, we let a few thoughtful Michiganders put in their final words before the state's primary on Tuesday.