Marketplace Minute With Bill Radke 01/29

If you have a Toyota you might want to ask,
Does my car surge ahead when my foot's off the gas?
Japanese quality, always subpar,
Well, that's why you buy an American car.

Critics are nice about Apple's device,
There's only one problem and it isn't the price,
The major objection concerns the connection
Between the name iPad and female protection.

When Obama called for a spending freeze,
He meant all of the spending except for these:
Social Security, Medicare too,
Medicaid, veterans, naming a few,
The Pentagon's safe, in fact 80 percent
Of his freeze is unfrozen,
So, that's what he meant.

Switzerland's teeming with bankers ascheming,
Bernanke took flak but they're bringing him back,
And Geithner's in trouble and China's a bubble,
We're spending in Haiti to cobble the rubble.

Positive news on GDP,
And I'll see you at Marketplace, dot-O-R-G.


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