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HP's logo is displayed on the entrance to the Hewlett-Packard headquarters in Palo Alto, Calif. - 


SCOTT JAGOW: Today, HP's new lead attorney starts his job. The company's last general counsel resigned during the blow-up over the spying scandal at Hewlett Packard. Pat Loeb tells us more about the new guy.

PAT LOEB: Michael Holston led Hewlett Packard's internal investigation of the spying case. He found that investigators, working for the company, obtained the personal phone records and social security numbers of employees and journalists.

Law professor Viet Dinh used to represent an HP board member. He says hiring Holston should help HP's image.

VIET DINH: What the company has done essentially is to do a "control alt delete" to reboot the processes of compliance and judgment.

The spy case has led to new federal legislation and criminal charges. And Hewlett Packard had to pay California $14.5 million to settle civil charges.

Holston still has work to do on the case. Terry Gross is the attorney for some of the reporters who were spied on....

TERRY GROSS: What they really need to do is look further and look deeper into what was the culture within HP that permitted this type of conduct to occur

I'm Pat Loeb for Marketplace.