How to cut credit card debt

Jan 18, 2013
There are some really simple ways to reduce your credit card debt.
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Banks near $10 billion foreclosure settlement

Jan 7, 2013
The nation's major banks are reportedly close to a settlement with federal regulators over abusive foreclosure practices, going back to 2009.
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Unemployed workers watching, worrying about fiscal cliff

Dec 31, 2012
Richard Crowe, an unemployed former steelworker living in Ohio, talks about what it's been like searching for a job and what he would do when unemployment benefits expire tomorrow.
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Coming soon to your socket: A $50 light bulb

Nov 13, 2012
As the U.S. starts phasing out older, inefficient incandescent bulbs, the first LED lights for the home are coming to stores. They cost $50, for now, but can last 20 years.
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The product election

Oct 1, 2012
Companies are using the presidential election as a theme for their ads
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The vulnerability of high-tech cars

Aug 22, 2012
Tomorrow’s cars will be online on the road, and the threat of hacking will grow.
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Drought could lead to end of federal ethanol mandate

Aug 16, 2012
In light of a possible global food crisis during this drought, many are calling for a stop to the federal mandate that requires gasoline to have corn-based ethanol.
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Lender fills gap for Hispanic community

Jul 6, 2012
Progreso Financiero lends money to Latino borrowers who might otherwise not qualify for credit.
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Why the Wal-Mart bribery scandal comes as a surprise

Apr 23, 2012
As new details surface regarding a bribery scandal in Mexico, we speak to a Wal-Mart expert as to why this incident seems so out of character for the retail giant.
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Runner calls attention to advertising ban

Apr 20, 2012
Olympic athlete Nick Symmonds wants runners to sport personal sponsorships. Meet officials fear angering event sponsors.
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