Black boxes coming to cars

May 24, 2011
The question is: does that make you feel safe or nervous? Popular Science is reporting that federal officials are "poised" to announce new...
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Autonomous cars to solve everything

May 23, 2011
This according to Google scientist and Stanford professor Sebastian Thrun, in a speech delivered on Saturday at a conference. Thrun says that...
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Beijing to Shanghai high-speed rail line to open

May 11, 2011
The long-anticipated high-speed rail route from Beijing to Shanghai will start a one-month trial operation today before its formal launch in late June.
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3D printers to print airplane parts!

May 9, 2011
Next time you're in an airplane, think about what the airplane is made out of. Because someday, that airplane is going to be made of parts from a...
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Los Angeles by electric bike: An alternative, alternative commute

May 6, 2011
Cars outnumber drivers in Los Angeles nearly two to one, but you don't necessarily need one to get around, according to one frugal commuter who does it on an electric-assisted bike.
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Roundabouts cause rifts between cities and drivers

May 4, 2011
There are about 2,000 roundabouts in the U.S. now. Proponents say that they cut down on traffic time and are good for the environment. But residents in Chicago, where roundabouts have been popping up lately, aren't convinced.
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Improving the transportation experience with transit apps

Apr 22, 2011
More and more software developers are creating transportation apps to save you time, and hopefully money.
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Imperial Oil shipments hit snags in Idaho

Apr 18, 2011
Imperial Oil plans to truck mining equipment through a narrow, winding highway in Idaho. But residents and conservationists are raising concerns over the long-term effects the new trucking route would have.
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You are what you drive: A photo essay

Apr 15, 2011
Nostalgia, power, economy, independence: These are some of the emotions that connect Americans to their automobiles. View a slideshow of car memories from the Marketplace staff (yes, that's Kai Ryssdal in a 1971 Olds) and share your photos.
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Cities want to cash in on their parking spots

Apr 14, 2011
Cash-strapped cities look to raise millions, even billions, by privatizing their parking meters and garages. And even if your city keeps control of its parking spaces, rates could likely climb.
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