Mutual funds

So you think bond funds are safe? Think again

Jun 5, 2013
Stocks are risky, but bonds are safe -- or so goes the stereotype. But what about bond mutual funds?
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Despite strong year, individuals pull back on stocks

Oct 8, 2012
After a brief uptick, the percent of households owning stock is back down to where it was at the start of the financial crisis, according to new numbers from the Investment Company Institute.
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New broker fees could raise costs for investors

Apr 6, 2012
Senior business correspondent reports on brokers charging mutual fund companies higher sales fees.
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The best way to own TIPS

Mar 5, 2012
Are there any disadvantages to purchasing TIPS through something like Fidelity's Inflation Protected Bond (FINPX) for my Roth IRA? Or would it be a better idea to just purchase TIPS directly from the Treasury? Thanks, Danny, Davis, CA
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Money market mutual funds: Buyer beware

Feb 7, 2012
When it comes to money market mutual funds, you can't trust the pledge not to break a buck -- at least not with your safe money, the money that's supposed to be there in tough times like 2008.
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