Europe debt crisis


Fitch warning causes U.S. stocks to drop

Nov 17, 2011
The threat of a European contagion is far from over, and U.S. banks could be hit by their exposure to France and other countries.
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European investors sell off bonds in more than Italy and Greece

Nov 16, 2011
Bond markets in Europe are taking a beating, and it is affecting the more stable countries in the eurozone, from Finland to Austria.
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European bond market on a rollercoaster ride

Nov 16, 2011
With ongoing fears of contagion in Europe, the bond market in the eurozone has hit trouble this week.
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What happens if the eurozone breaks up?

Nov 16, 2011
For all its woes, the 17-member single currency zone is an feat of European cooperation. A breakup would have consequences in Europe and beyond.
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EU and NBA face similar plight

Nov 15, 2011
The European debt crisis and the National Basketball Association lockout are being played in vastly different arenas, but the game is pretty much the same.
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Podcast Special: Euro Crisis Contagion

Nov 2, 2011
Travel the globe in this special Marketplace broadcast co-produced with the BBC World Service for a look at how Europe's financial troubles are affecting people and businesses worldwide.
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Europe Nears Crisis: Weekend at Bernie's Redux

Oct 21, 2011
French President Nicolas Sarkozy and German Chancellor Angela Merkel have moved the goal post, again. Although they previously promised that Sund...
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Why Germany wants to help Greece

Sep 27, 2011
This final note today, which comes with the observation that German chancellor Angela Merkel met with her Greek counterpart Prime Minister George...
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Group of 7 meet to discuss Greek debt crisis

Sep 9, 2011
An observation that the financial history of the past three years is that crises like to arrive on weekends....
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