What can Ireland teach us about worker productivity?

Dec 26, 2023
Ireland has been ranked the world's most productive country. In part, that was achieved by attracting foreign tech and pharma companies.
People walk near Google's offices in Dublin. The pricey products generated by tech companies in Ireland partially account for the country's worker productivity performance.
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For the first time in a year, worker productivity is up

Aug 10, 2023
That's a good thing for the economy and for business — and could be a good thing for workers themselves.
Increased productivity often comes from the introduction of new technology, like supermarket self checkouts.
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Workers are being more productive, a good sign for low-inflation growth

Aug 3, 2023
The Labor Department says worker output is up while average hours worked is down. That could help bring down inflation going forward.
Worker output climbed in the second quarter as economic growth picked up.
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In U.K. 4-day work week trial, companies see happier employees — and higher productivity

Dec 19, 2022
70 U.K. companies have just completed a 6-month experiment with a shorter week with full pay – and early results are promising.
While some companies that partook in the U.K.'s 4-day work week experiment saw benefits, labor experts are skeptical that it could be replicated at all businesses. Above, London commuters in December 2021.
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