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A Washington island county is trying a 32-hour workweek

Oct 19, 2023
It's an attempt by San Juan County officials to attract and recruit workers in the remote and expensive area.
Matthew Steward, a San Juan County maintenance worker, trains to become a substitute school bus driver. If Steward passes the test, he'll have three jobs.
Scott Greenstone/KNKX

I've always wondered: how mint flavoring became associated with clean teeth

Sep 8, 2023
Listener Grant Cohoe says he's "not a fan of mint" and asks: "Why it is that mint is so ubiquitous in toothpaste, mouthwash and the like?"
Mint flavored toothpaste at the store. 
Mitchell Hartman/Marketplace

What the loss of a mill means to a town

Jan 8, 2018
An industry that once defined Camas, Washington, is coming to an end. Now the former mill town is searching for its future identity.
Camas Mayor Scott Higgins in his office.
Molly Solomon/ for Marketplace

California consumers are buying gold health insurance plans in record numbers

Dec 13, 2017
Obamacare’s open enrollment period closes for most states Friday. Thanks to a complicated federal formula, a spike in premiums this year has given consumers who are eligible for subsidies more money to buy insurance. And early signs suggest some people in California and Washington state are going for the gold —the gold, normally expensive, plans. […]