Warehouse space snapped up as retailers stockpile supplies, goods

Jan 27, 2022
Storage prices are soaring, especially in locations near big ports and major metro areas.
To avoid supply chain crunches, some businesses are stockpiling goods and supplies — all of which need a place to be stored.
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Warehouse space in high demand as companies shift to e-commerce

Jun 23, 2021
The U.S. may need an additional 330 million square feet of distribution space by 2025 to handle the expected expansion of online sales.
As people are pivoting away from buying goods, retailers are faced with surplus inventory.
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As imports boom, warehouses fill up, and businesses face a storage shortage

Oct 1, 2020
The ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach handled record amounts of imports in August. Meanwhile, warehouse rents increased by 10% from this time last year.
Warehouse space is shrinking as the holidays approach.
Virginie Goubier/AFP via Getty Images