"Due diligence" is part of the vernacular. But what does it really mean?

Apr 5, 2023
Recent scandals involving FTX and Frank leave some wondering if enough research was done on the startups, and who was supposed to do it.
JPMorgan recently bought the financial planning startup Frank for about $175 million but says its owner lied about its number of users.
Spencer Platt/Getty Images

How Silicon Valley Bank failed

Mar 10, 2023
The swift and chaotic failure of SVB left CEOs and investors unable to access their money. Should we be worried about contagion?
People line up outside the shuttered Silicon Valley Bank headquarters Friday in Santa Clara, California. With venture capitalists' accounts dwindling and its bond assets losing value, SVB suffered.
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'Dry Powder' puts venture capitalists on center stage

Apr 4, 2016
Our conversation with playwright Sarah Burgess.

Peter Thiel on keeping salaries low at the top

Nov 25, 2014
The Silicon Valley venture capitalist talks cultural issues in the tech industry.

Venture capitalists learn to love education

May 29, 2014
Investors are betting hundreds of millions on the digital revolution in the classroom.

Looking for venture capital? Be careful what you wish for

May 1, 2014
Startups must navigate deftly when raising big money.

For public good, not for profit.

Justin Bieber: Portrait of a venture capitalist

Nov 7, 2013
Belieb it or not, J-Biebs is a dynamite venture capitalist with a solid record of investment.

Is venture capital 'broken?'

May 10, 2012
A new report echoes what's been whispered around the industry for years: the model of funding startups through venture capital firms is not working any more.

Chinese investors: We can't save the world economy

Nov 16, 2011
The Chinese economy is continuing to grow, but venture capitalists in that country are investing less and less with the onset of the global economic crisis.