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Water ruined his vinyl, but store owner gets by with a little help from his friends

Apr 12, 2023
Phillip Rollins, owner of OffBeat, says people saw him on the news and supported his shop by helping to clean up and dry things off.
"We had a fire next door and then we had a lot of flood damage due to that fire," said Phillip Rollins. "So we lost a lot of our used records."
Courtesy Phillip Rollins

A window into LA's budding scene for Latin vinyl records

Mar 9, 2023
At Sonido del Valle in Boyle Heights, owner Rene Perez said Latin vinyl records are the main attraction, not just another section.
Sonido del Valle owner Rene Perez stands in front of a case of vinyl records for sale at his shop in Boyle Heights, CA.
Marketplace/Erika Soderstrom

"Inflation is gut-punching my business," record store owner laments

Aug 12, 2022
Vinyl records are a big part of Phillip Rollins' business at Offbeat in Jackson, Mississippi. But rising costs make them a harder sell.
Phillip "DJ Young Venom" Rollins, of the Offbeat record store and art gallery, would like to see the prices of vinyl records go down. "The demand is up there, just the supply is kind of low."
Courtesy Rollins