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Urban Institute analyzes reach of social safety net

Feb 6, 2019
A new analysis by the Urban Institute finds that a quarter of Americans living in poverty don’t receive public assistance such as food stamps, subsidized housing, child care or cash benefits.
A sign in a New York City market window advertises the acceptance of food stamps.
Spencer Platt/Getty Images

The housing crisis hits America’s heartland

Oct 2, 2018
When you think of high rents and overcrowding, you probably don’t think of farmland. However, according to a new report by the Urban Institute, rural communities are facing a lack of affordable housing, just like more densely populated urban areas. One hundred fifty-two rural counties throughout California, Texas and several southeastern states, among others, were […]
 Corn grows on a farm on July 13, 2018 near Amana, Iowa.
Scott Olson/Getty Images

Could future taxpayers (kids) be getting the short stick?

Sep 24, 2013
A report out this week shows that the projected $1.2 trillion increase in federal spending over the next 10 years will not trickle down much to spending on programs that affect children.