In a time of war, "sustainability of the government is No. 1," says former Ukraine finance minister

Mar 21, 2022
Ukraine’s economy is being strangled, says Natalie Jaresko, citing the need for international support as well as Russian reparations.
Ukraine will need hundreds of billions of dollars for reconstruction, said Natalie Jaresko, shown speaking in Washington, D.C. "The first source of that should be reparations from Russia."
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In Ukraine, the Russian invasion scare could be keeping out foreign investors

Feb 1, 2022
The threat undermines “Ukraine's position on international markets" said the Atlantic Council's Peter Dickinson. "Companies can't finance themselves."
A woman sells fruit in an underground walkway in Kyiv, Ukraine's capital. There is concern “about the safety of Ukraine as a place to do business," said Peter Dickinson of the Atlantic Council.
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Ukraine works to remain focused on economic turnaround

Dec 30, 2019
Ukraine is slowly climbing out of recession, but there are bumps in the road.
St. Sophia's Cathedral in Kyiv, Ukraine.
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Ukraine raises interest rate to 30 percent

Mar 4, 2015
The hike comes as Ukraine's central bank seeks to tackle rampant inflation.