Protecting your identity: the difference between a credit lock and a credit freeze

Sep 24, 2018
The three major credit agencies now allow you to freeze your credit for free.
Malicious hackers see coronavirus chaos as an opportunity.
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FICO’s grip on mortgage credit scores challenged

Mar 14, 2018
Mortgage finance giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac consider one credit score when determining the creditworthiness of mortgage applicants: FICO.  Some members of Congress want to change that by adding a provision to a bank deregulation bill that would require…

Landlord's credit check reveals incorrect background information

Aug 8, 2016
A reporter was recently confused for a serial felon when a landlord did a tenant screening on him.
The tenant background search report from TransUnion for reporter Bobby Allyn.
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Want Equifax to fix your credit score? Take them to court

Jul 30, 2013
A federal jury ordered Equifax to pay an Oregon woman $18.6 million after her two-year fight to correct her score.
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