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For former 'jail teacher,' Plan B is Plan A

Nov 8, 2012
After losing her job teaching at a high school in the county jail, Donielle Lawson wants to stay in education.

Two teachers move in with parents as step one of their Plan B

Oct 3, 2012
There are more than five million teachers in this country, but layoffs have forced many to rethink their careers. Michael Kane recently married another out-of-work teacher; they're living with his parents in Ohio.

Photography is Plan B for retired teacher

Sep 21, 2012
Eduardo de Varona retired early from teaching, after 21 years. He says he was "fed up."

Laid-off teachers look for their Plan B

Sep 5, 2012
A trip to the airport paid off for former technology teacher Chris Bjuland.

Every new school year, uncertainty for teachers

Aug 27, 2012
A language arts teacher in Minnesota describes the anxiety that comes with every new school year -- wondering if she will have a job.