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Has the crackdown on global tax dodging failed?

Jul 25, 2023
A British campaign group calls for a different approach to curbing tax avoidance and evasion.
While the Cayman Islands are known for their reputation as tax havens, parts of the U.S. are also destinations for tax avoidance.
David Rogers/Getty Images

Tax havens for the super wealthy may be evasive, but not always illegal

Nov 6, 2017
Some places to easily hide wealth don’t conjure up images of paradise.

Allan Sloan is angry about the flight of corporations

Jul 7, 2014
When Bank of America moved to North Carolina, people said it's business. But is it?

At G8 summit, tax avoidance takes center stage

Jun 17, 2013
Leaders of the world's richest countries meet in Northern Ireland today for their annual G8 summit. They will talk about the conflict in Syria, but also about international tax avoidance.

Britain under pressure over tax havens

Jun 14, 2013
Britain is coning under pressure to rein in its overseas territories in the Caribbean which many say are a base for tax evasion and storing illicit profits.