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Why does soda come in liters and milk in gallons?

Oct 10, 2017
Pepsi's 2-liter bottle brought more soda into households while the nation flirted with the metric system.
Pepsi worked with DuPont to come up with a bottle that was 10 times bigger than the classic 6.5-ounce Coke.
Mario Tama/Getty Images

As soda sales lose their fizz, Pepsico looks to healthier drinks and snacks

Jul 11, 2017
PepsiCo reports second quarter earnings today. The snack and beverage conglomerate has consistently beaten estimates in recent quarters — even as Americans drink less soda than they have in three decades. Can PepsiCo keep the streak going?  Click the audio player above to hear the full story.

Soda pop gives a family-owned grocery store a new life

Jul 6, 2017
John Nese of Galco's Soda Pop Stop in Los Angeles shares the history of his store and the soda it sells.
Galco's owner John Nese.
Daisy Palacios/Marketplace