U.S. was top seller to China during Singles Day

Nov 12, 2020
But overall retail sales in China for the year are still down significantly due to the pandemic.
Workers sort packages for delivery at a warehouse of China Post Group in Hengyang, in central China's Hunan province on Nov. 12, 2020, a day after the end of the Singles Day shopping festival.
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Singles Day: China's biggest shopping event

Nov 12, 2019
Bigger than Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday ... combined.
A Singles Day advertisement from Alibaba inside a Shanghai subway station reads, "Fulfill your wish."
Jennifer Pak/Marketplace

Chinese shoppers may boycott U.S. goods on Singles Day

Nov 8, 2019
It's the biggest shopping event of the year, and smaller American companies may feel the impact, analysts say.
Employees sort packages ahead of Singles Day in Huaibei in China's eastern Anhui province in 2017. Singles Day is a shopping spree held every Nov. 11.
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