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"Overemployed" people secretly work overlapping remote jobs

Oct 23, 2023
They do it for the money. But overemployment also symbolizes a change in Americans' attitudes toward work.
There are online forums where people share tips about how to work overlapping remote jobs.
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As the labor market loosens, workers may be more willing to work nights and weekends

Oct 20, 2023
They may find it attractive to earn money while others are playing.
"People are reconsidering their income needs and maybe could find ways to time their classes, time their childcare, to what the employers are offering," said Penn State Abington economics professor Lonnie Golden.
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When a wedding, student loan payments and economic anxiety mean it's time for a second job

May 31, 2023
"I wanted to have something that I could easily add on to my current workload," says chemist April Oliver of Bozeman, Montana.
In addition to her full-time job, April Oliver is working as an adjunct faculty member at a nearby university leading chemistry labs.
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Why this teacher works through the summer

Jul 4, 2019
"I have to have a second job to help support myself," says Megan Johnson from Lansing, Kansas.
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My Money Story: Driving for Lyft

Feb 20, 2015
How a single mom in Los Angeles makes her finances work with a side gig...or two.