The dark side of online education

May 18, 2015
Pakistani company Axact is making millions by selling fake diplomas.
A screenshot from a promotional video for "Newford University," one of the fake school's identified in the New York Times' investigation.
Courtesy:Newford University on Vimeo

Scam artists target hopeful immigrants

Dec 25, 2013
While the possibility of immigration reform raises hope for undocumented immigrants, it has also created a business for scammers who tell clients they can help them get green cards, when they really can’t.

Google algorithm inadvertently takes down ring of Chinese car thieves

Jul 25, 2013
Machines are becoming alarmingly intelligent, smart enough to root out crime.

10 biggest frauds consumers fall for and your scam stories

Apr 26, 2013
Millions of Americans fall for the same common scams every day. Have you been a victim of one of these cons? Learn how to keep your cash safe by listening to the expert wisdom of those who have lost money to shifty schemers.

'Hi, this is Rachel' -- Avoiding robocall scams

Apr 26, 2013
Ever picked up the phone and heard a woman on the other end with information about your credit card who sounded totally legit? Here is some advice on how to avoid being conned by these calls.

Beware tribal payday loans

Apr 26, 2013
High interest payday loans are seen by critics as a fast track to endless cycles of debt for borrowers -- and there's a new breed of payday loan to watch out for.

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Staying smart and safe in a world full of scams

Apr 26, 2013
Los Angeles Times consumer columnist offers sage advice on how to avoid fraud in all forms.

The most memorable movie scam artists of all time

Apr 24, 2013
Con artists are weasels for sure, but some of them have captured our hearts as movie characters throughout the years. Here are a few of our favorites. Hold on to your wallets and click through our slideshow.
“Dirty Rotten Scoundrels” (1988) – Lawrence Jamieson and Freddy Benson (played by Michael Caine and Steve Martin)


Seductive swindler Lawrence Jamieson is threatened by another con artist named "The Jackal" moving in on his territory. When Lawrence suspects small-time hustler Freddy Benson to be his competition, hilarity ensues.


"A poacher who shoots at rabbits may scare big game away." -Lawrence Jamieson

Don't fall prey to the 'foreign lottery' scam

Mar 22, 2013
Older Americans are being targeted by con artists abroad. The victims are told they are winners of a "foreign lottery" and that they only have to pay taxes and fees to claim their jackpots. But, the scam is costing people more than money.