Brazil's economic troubles overshadow dam disaster

Mar 7, 2016
Two dams collapsing led to the largest environmental disaster in Brazil's history.
A fireman rescues in Paracatu de Baixo, Minas Gerais, Brazil on November 9, 2015 a dog that was trapped in the mud that swept through the Village of Bento Rodrigues. The tragedy occurred when waste reservoirs at the Samarco iron ore mine burst open, unleashing a sea of muck that flattened the nearby village.
Douglas Magno/AFP/Getty Images

The high cost of environmental disasters

Feb 24, 2016
In November, the worst mining disaster in Brazil's history killed 17 people.
Protestors stand amidst muddy water which they spashed at the entrance to Vale headquarters. The sign reads "How much does a life cost?'
Mario Tama/Getty Images